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Committee of Insurance, Securities and Non-banking Financial Authorities (CISNA)

CISNA forms part of the Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment Directorate with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and reports to the SADC Committee of Ministers of Finance and Investment through the Committee for Senior Treasury Officials. CISNA was established in 1998. It consists of the non-banking financial institution authorities, namely, capital markets, collective investment schemes, insurance companies, retirement funds and providers of intermediary services in the SADC.


CISNA Vision and Mission

CISNA Vision is “A financially stable region with a harmonised regulatory and supervisory framework for Non-Banking Financial Institutions.”


CISNA Mission is “To promote financial stability by effectively and efficiently championing a process of collaboration, engagement and co-ordination between the NBFI regulators and stakeholders through policy research, capacity building and market development initiatives”


CISNA will strive to achieve its Vision and Mission by focusing on the following four strategic themes:

i. Harmonisation;

ii. Capacity Building and Cooperation;

iii. Market Development; and

iv. Consumer Protection and Education.


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